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I’d like to say something about my reasons for maintaining this blog.

The Dharma has been good to me, in the sense that it has helped me calm my monkey mind, partially learn the difference between perception and reality, and been the instrument that has allowed me to satisfy my desire for spirituality, despite my lack of conventional faith in a god. (It has also shown me the difference between doubt and impossibility.)

Buddhists do not proselytize — another thing that attracted me. That being the case, there have to be places for people to look for information. The Web is loaded with gurus, Rinpoches, Senseis, Roshis, Yogis and other folks who are delighted to share Dharma, but going directly to those pages can be a bit of culture shock for folks who aren’t familiar with the jargon that often pervades them. (I mean that respectfully, but that’s what it is.)  The message boards and forums — where egos have been known to come home to roost — are more so, for the most part.

What I’m trying to do here is help simplify things for seekers. I provide links to sites that I believe I would have found useful back in the days of (slightly more) confusion. I provide links to articles about Buddhism and to what I consider Dharma-related issues such as human rights, peace, and politics as it relates to those sorts of things.  I occasionally write something original, and have also included a section on addiction and recovery, areas in which I have experience, personal and professional.  It may be accessed from the “Addiction” tab.

This is a site for people who are genuinely interested in Buddhism and the ideas that surround it — who are seeking a different way of looking at life, as I was.

My practice is based on the Four Noble Truths, skillfully or not. I have no interest in arguing about Dharma, Suttas, the relative merits of Buddhist sects, which hungry ghost needs most to be appeased, or whether all us heathen Buddhists are going to hell. Don’t even bother. It’s that simple. Folks who want to argue are in the wrong place, and will not be engaged. I respectfully suggest that such people speak to their teachers about their desire to control others.

That said, all honest inquiries will be answered or referred to the best of my limited ability.


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11 thoughts on “Why?

  1. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox annd now each tim
    a comment is added I gett four emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thank you!

  2. I have found this site by accident in search of some relief for the PAWS symptoms I have been experiencing due to my own bad choices. This site brought tears to my sad eyes and has awakened the spirit and understanding within myself. I was 15 minutes from walking out the door to relapse and this saved me. Thank you

    • Hi Kimber,

      I can’t tell you how wonderful your note made me feel. It literally put me in tears. Thank you so much for writing, and especially for staying sober for one more day.

      Please stay in touch!


  3. Well, I also found this site by accident, or, I should say, by chance. 🙂
    I am a follower of Hinduism and some of our religious teachings are foundations of Buddhism. Over the years I find myself nearing towards Lord Buddha and practice of zen and loving-kindness. It has brought me peace and has also made me a compassionate family man, without reading any scripture or joining any cult. I always in search of insight and inspiration from books and blogs. Thanx for maintaining this wonderful website.

  4. Found this site by accident,if you believe in such things.In re PAWS.I’m not Buddhist but rather a Zen Christain Finding this site rather interesting,but somebody out there should start at the beginning…jumping headlong into “The Middle Path” is more confusing than comforting,and ones initial exposure,done that way,make for a wave of Defeat that isn’t at all helpful.(Just my 2 cents worth)

  5. Been away.
    Back again.

    Love the rewording on “About”. (The previous incarnation was equally as stellar.)

    Appreciate this “Why” though your intentions have always been clear from this seat.

    Am of the mind I respectfully suggest that such people speak to their teachers about their desire to control others. is spot on. Thank you for the smile.

    There’s no place like home, eh Toto?

    Click, click, click.

  6. You put what I have been look for in straight forward terms. I look forward to reading your blog.
    I was given this link by Dharmabox at

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