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Wiccian weddings and other things that make for an interesting weekend

Two days ago my older sister got married in a semi-traditional Wiccian ceremony, it was definetly interesting but more importantly it was completely beatiful. It was all outside, you walked down this winding path down a hill into this circular area that was mowed out in the middle of an expansive meadow. Seriously gorgeous. Now, while I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for months; she is my sister and I was the Maid of Honor, what I was most looking forward to, perhaps in a perverse sort of way, was seeing how my conservative mormon father would react to a wiccian cermony. I was not dissapointed.
Wiccian weddings and other things that make for an interesting weekend « A day in the life of a Ginger

I would have loved to be there to see the father’s face. My older daughter just got married in a non-traditional ceremony. I loved it. I can’t imagine anyone who would bother to attend at all acting the way Ginger’s father did. I mean, what’s more important — keeping good relations (with the possibility you might “save” the person later)* or simply displaying non-compassionate self-righteousness?  He made his choice…and it’s likely to cost him in the long run.

*Don’t get the idea I think she needs saving.  I’m simply positing the most logical rationale if you really feel it’s necessary.