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What you call it is, ahem, up to you

You probably didn’t notice, but [last] Monday was a religious holiday.

It was Buddha Day, also known as Rohatsu, and it was a day to mark the Buddha’s enlightenment. If you celebrated this one, I hope it was good for you.

I’m guessing, though, not many people around here marked Rohatsu. I saw no signs in yards, no Buddha statues. When I stopped to get a Diet Dr. Pepper, the clerk didn’t wish me a “Rockin’ Rohatsu.”

Did this total lack of acknowledgment constitute a “war on Rohatsu?” Are people trying to “kick the Bud out of Buddhism?”

Nah. Such an argument would be silly — which is why I tend to yawn when someone decries the “War on Christmas.” …..

Steve Goble: What you call it is, ahem, up to you | | Mansfield News Journal