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The National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans

Goals of the Center

  • Promote the development of policy and practice;
  • Support implementation of relevant research findings into clinical practice;
  • Provide education / training for VA and community partners and disseminate evidence-based and emerging best practices;
  • Develop new empirical knowledge.

The Center: Overview

The Center’s Program Cores

The Center’s Preliminary Studies

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When Wounded Vets Come Home

According to officials from three national organizations—the Wounded Warrior Project, The Military Family Network,, and the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes— an estimated 10,000 recent veterans of these conflicts now depend on their parents for their care. Working unheralded, these parents have quit jobs, shelved retirement plans, and relocated so they can be with their injured sons and daughters. Many have become warriors themselves, fighting to make sure this new wave of injured veterans gets the medical care and rehabilitation it needs. When Wounded Vets Come Home