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Romney’s Remark Conflicts With Mormon Religion

“Should God speak to you… how would you handle that?” asked reporter Natalie Jacobsen.

According to the Tribune, Romney laughed and replied, “I don’t recall God speaking to anyone since the time of Moses and the burning bush.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints — which Romney is a practicing member of — believes that God has spoken to many who followed Moses.  For example, the church believes God spoke to LDS founder Joseph Smith which allowed him to find the brass plates — which became the Book of Mormon.

Romney’s Remark Conflicts With Mormon Religion

Anything to keep people distracted from the REAL issues: war, the economy, the poor, health care…

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Faith of a Skeptic – Faith Matters

I don’t think what we call religion can be put into a box neatly labeled religion and relegated to one part of the academic curriculum or one area of journalism. It seems to me that one of the lessons of 9/11 is that the influence of religion is virtually limitless and ubiquitous, and the sooner we figure that out, the wiser we’ll be.

Faith of a Skeptic – Faith Matters (

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Nice Folks, Those Insurance People – BOOOOO CIGNA!

On Thursday, the family rallied supporters online and staged a protest at Cigna’s Glendale office with about 150 people, including many members of the local Armenian community and the California Nurses Assn., which had released statements supporting the family’s cause.

Later in the day, Cigna released a statement approving the transplant payment.

“Although it is outside the scope of the plan’s coverage, and despite the lack of medical evidence regarding the effectiveness of such treatment,” spokesman Wendell Potter wrote, “Cigna HealthCare has decided to make an exception in this rare and unusual case, and we will provide coverage should she proceed with the requested liver transplant. Our thoughts and payers are with Nataline and her family at this time.”

Nataline died about 6 p.m.

Family blames HMO for teen’s death – Los Angeles Times

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From the Environment News Service (ENS)


CANBERRA, Australia, December 20, 2007 (ENS) – With less than three weeks in office, the new Australian government is planning diplomatic and legal action against Japan’s so-called “research” whaling. Much Japanese whaling takes place in the Australian Whale Sanctuary in the Southern Ocean, where the Japanese whaling fleet is right now, pursuing whales.


ROME, Italy, December 20, 2007 (ENS) – Improved irrigation practices in Asia could reduce the high levels of arsenic found in rice, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, said Wednesday, warning of the increased food safety risk posed by the toxic substance.


NEW YORK, New York, December 20, 2007 (ENS) – Conservationists estimate that today 5,000 tigers remain in the wild, down from 100,000 tigers that inhabited Asia alone just 150 years ago. Now, a new study
of the potential for tigers to survive in Thailand has hope soaring that the endangered big cats may not be headed for extinction.

Cloned Animals to be Tracked for Food Processors

Million Tons of CO2 Will Be Injected Under Illinois

Off Road Vehicle Damage Closes North Carolina Trails

Winter Forecast Shows Little Drought Relief for Southeast

Bacteria Keep Undersea Methane Out of the Atmosphere

Colorado Water District Ordered to Restore River

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Are You a Perennialist?

Perennialism rejects a modern world that has slipped off the rails. Yet it also embraces all variations of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faith, as well as Asian religions and indigenous schools of thought. Perennialists believe that all religions are part of one great religion; that all wisdom makes up a great river of truth that all modern people should return to for what the Gospels call “living water.”
Faith Without Borders

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Whalers to be tracked

The Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, set his country on a diplomatic collision course with Japan yesterday amid reports that he plans to send an armed vessel to monitor a whaling expedition to the Southern Ocean.

Japan’s annual scientific hunt plans to slaughter more than 1,000 whales in the area this year, but it is the plan to kill 50 humpbacks – a protected species – that has most angered anti-whaling nations….

Whalers to be tracked | Environment | The Guardian