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A Few Changes…

I’m going to be altering the focus of this blog over the next few days.  You may notice some changes, or not.

I am convinced that the troubles of this world are more than obvious.  The solutions to the personal and international conflicts that could lead to our coming together and working as one to solve them are less so, and perhaps impossible on a planet dominated by such a contentious, ego-driven and selfish species as we.  Nonetheless, more than enough is being done to point out the difficulties.  I hope to be able to illuminate some solutions.

Two things that may change are the bloglist and categories.  It’s possible that your blog or link may be moved — perhaps even removed.  If that should happen, rest assured that it has nothing to do with the quality of your offerings, but merely with the new focus in the direction of metta, rather than simply dukkha (although the terms are, of course, inseparable in the overall).


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Best Buy Bodhisattva

Best Buy during the holidays is a special kind of hell. Swarms of soccer moms trailing toddlers, looking for the new game of the year. Overweight dads butt-glued into recliners in front of NASA-style walls of aggressive televisions, commenting on the silent football games arrayed before them. Hordes of middle aged couples making dreadfully misguided computer purchases.

But the best part of the Best Buy holiday extravaganza are the demo kids. And it was one of these kids who showed me something I will never see again.

Guitar Hero 3. “Through the Fire and the Flames.” Expert.

Best Buy Bodhisattva | Gamers With Jobs

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Kung Fu Monks Don’t Get a Kick Out of Fighting

Kung fu master Shi Dechao can swing his 22-pound
“monk’s spade,” an ancient Chinese shovel, like a majorette twirling a
baton. His lightning punches, in a style the ancients called Iron Fist,
generate a thunk! straight out of kung fu movie sound effects. A powerful grunt punctuates his routine.

But Dechao, and most of the other martial monks at the
1,500-year-old Shaolin Temple in China’s central Henan province,
decline to join in one of the biggest kung fu battles of modern times
— a competition to be staged in tandem with next year’s Olympic Games
in Beijing.

[Shi Yongxin]

Clad in saffron Buddhist robes, Dechao insists that
real kung fu monks don’t fight. They meditate and practice kung fu to
reach enlightenment. “Every fist contains my love,” says the
39-year-old Dechao, also known as Big Beard.

The Shaolin Temple’s decision to stay out of the
competition, to be held at the same time as the Olympics and passing
out medals of its own, made headlines in China. And it has rekindled a
disagreement familiar from the movies: Is kung fu a form of devotion, a
style of fighting or both?

Kung Fu Monks Don’t Get a Kick Out of Fighting –

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Not Enough Shopping Days Left

My friend Tracey, the Suburban Diva, shares with us her thoughts on last-minute shopping for the holidays.  In addition to being one of the funniest women on the planet, she is the only homemaker I know who has entertained the Stanley Cup in her living room.  Read on…

In the bizarre world of holiday shopping, there is the infamous “Black Friday.” Soon after arrives “Cyber Monday.” Eventually the “Day After Christmas,” is upon us. But I think retailers are still missing the majority of the shopping population with these minor sales events.

What about “Freak Out Friday?” That day when you realize that you are turning the calendar page to December and you haven’t purchased one gift, decorated nary a bough nor baked a single Snickerdoodle? You can hear the collective scream of panic in every household in America. They say it’s one of the few sounds heard from space….”  MORE>>>