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HHDL to Resign As Tibetan Head of State if Violence Worsens

DHARMSALA, India (AP) – The Dalai Lama threatened Tuesday to step down as leader of Tibet’s government-in-exile if violence committed by Tibetans in his homeland spirals out of control.

Demonstrations in Tibet turned increasingly violent last week, and the Dalai Lama, speaking to reporters, urged his countrymen to show restraint.

He said that “if things become out of control” his “only option is to completely resign.”

Dalai Lama to Resign if Violence Worsens

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Sorry to do this without permission, Barbara, but it’s breaking news. All the links are to the site anyway, so it should count as fair use.

Lhasa Faces a Deadline
have threatened a “harsh” response to Lhasa protesters who do not
surrender themselves by midnight tonight. Lhasa time is 12 hours ahead
of Eastern Standard Time in the U.S. This blog post will be updated
throughout the day if there are new developments.

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