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A Solstice Greeting, Sort Of

For whatever reasons, we humasunrise-evergreensns have a relationship with the annual cycles that surpasses pure science, and combines with the observable facts a mystical component that causes us to view the wheel of the year with more than merely analytical interest.

Winter Holidays, celebrating the point at which the warmth of the sun ceases its annual recession — the time when the days begin, imperceptibly at first, to become longer and to promise the warmth and riches of spring and summer — are universal in human civilizations. Doubtless it has been that way for thousands of generations (or three hundred, if you prefer). We give our holidays names like Hanukkah, Christmas, Yule, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, and so forth. We hang upon them the trappings of the thousands of years of religious implications, and often attribute their origin to reasons other than the mere turning of the seasons. We invent new holidays, because we don’t want to celebrate other people’s holidays. MORE>>>

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Let the Sunshine In

There are some places that have presence. Glastonbury Tor is one of them — and I’m not even a believer — in much of anything. Read on…

The Smart Set: Let the Sunshine In – June 20, 2008

The strangeness starts with the Steven King fog — or, more accurately, with the cackling scarecrow demons that live in the fog. To get to Glastonbury Tor in time for the summer solstice sunrise, I leave London at midnight. Halfway there I’m gazing at the swirling Hammer Horror-movie mist with childlike wonder. I allow myself to hallucinate scythe-wielding straw men racing alongside me, through the twisting and rolling, silvery moonlit high-hedged English West Country lanes. It is horribly easy. And the closer to Glastonbury I get, the easier it becomes.