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Cash-Strapped Agency Struggles To Feed World’s Poor

Cash-Strapped Food Agency Struggles To Feed Poor : NPR

“For the world’s bottom billion, the financial crisis is having an effect on their ability to access food. Now add in the increased cost of food, and it’s a double whammy that is dangerous and destabilizing and a humanitarian crisis of huge proportions,”…

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God Realm

Welcome to the Real World | Tricycle Magazine

Hard words to swallow.  You may want to skip them.  Don’t.

…Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche…sometimes referred to our lifestyle of extraordinary privilege as a “god realm,” a neurotic oasis of security and smugness. The pseudo-security of the god realm is based on deliberately ignoring the larger world and hunkering down in a safe haven where we can enjoy pleasures at all levels – material, emotional, and spiritual. It is based on denying death and ignoring the First Noble Truth of suffering. In this realm we take little responsibility for contributing to the suffering around us and prefer not to notice the many ways we benefit from it. As our focus is on securing pleasure and avoiding suffering, our compassion is extremely limited in scope. …  More…