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Myanmar shuns aid from US warships

The United States, as well as France and Great Britain, have naval vessels loaded with humanitarian supplies off the Myanmar coast, and had been waiting for a green light to deliver them. The article did not say whether the French and British supplies would be allowed.

The state media report said that other U.S. aid airlifted into the country was welcome, an apparent reference to ongoing relief flights, which land in the country about five times a day. American officials are required to hand the aid to Myanmar authorities upon landing in Yangon, from which it is a difficult journey to the Irrawaddy delta.

State media: Myanmar shuns aid from US warships

Clearly the Burmese junta’s agenda is twofold: get rid of a lot of ethnics that they find undesirable and blame it on the cyclone, and divert portions of the aid to their own coffers. There is no other sensible explanation. Reminiscent of Katrina, actually.

Since most of the generals have never been out of Burma, it’s too bad there’s no hell; they could finally get to know other so-called “leaders.”