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Catholics in Bhikku’s Clothing

“It is revealed in the 2006 Vesak issue of the ‘Dhamsara’ journal, the methods adopted by some Catholic circles to make in-roads into Buddhism as disclosed in the book ‘Catholic Plot Against Buddhism’ published in Thailand. Catholic priests learning Buddhism even better than the Buddhist Bhikkus, equating God to Buddhist concept of Dhamma, giving a Catholic outlook to Buddhist meditation and a Catholic colouring to national festivals are some of them. Similar devices are being adopted by some Catholic clergy in Sri Lanka as well. There are some Catholic priests who are funded by foreign agencies, who used to place the picture of Christ on one side and that of the Buddha on the other advocating Buddhism and Christianity which are poles apart as parallel religions. There are others who introduce Buddhist rituals to churches in festivals like Vesak. There are also some Catholic priests who suggest to celebrate Sinhala and Tamil New Year and Easter together so as to give a Catholic colouring to the New Year festival….” via Features | Online edition of Daily News – Lakehouse Newspapers.

Hey, it worked with the Pagans back in the First Millennium — might work again….

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Christian Schools Offer Courses in How to Proselytize Buddhists

Having lost much of their following in the West, churches are now beginning to look for opportunities elsewhere. Of course the Islamic world is out of the question. Even the most optimistic evangelist knows that the chance of spreading the Gospel amongst Muslims is nil. The obvious targets are Africa, India and the Buddhist countries of Asia. There are now several evangelical organizations dedicated just to evangelizing Buddhists. The Asia Pacific Institute of Buddhist Studies in the Philippines offers missionaries in-depth courses in Buddhist doctrine, the languages of Buddhist countries and the sociology of various Buddhist communities – the better to know the enemy.

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