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Margot Adler, Redefining the “Witch Word”

Margot Adler talks to Interfaith Voices…

Margot Adler stands out in two worlds that we, admittedly, find pretty interesting– public radio and paganism. Radio junkies know her as an NPR reporter and master storyteller. And pagans consider her a preeminent scholar of earth-based religion. The former Jewish-atheist joins us to talk about the changing perception of the “witch word,” the sacredness of the earth, and why if you look far enough back, all of us come from a Pagan heritage. 

Margot Adler, Redefining the “Witch Word” | Interfaith Voices

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Pagans find uneasy home among Quakers

Across the board, the number of Quakers is dwindling, to roughly
100,000 in the U.S. But if Quakerism continues to catch on among the
estimated half million pagans in the U.S., those who embrace both
traditions predict that could reverse the Quakers’ downward trend.

Still, some Quakers worry about losing their own traditions through the process of accepting new ones.

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