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Olympic Religious Constraints

It isn’t easy being devout in China, even for world famous athletes.

Olympic Religious Constraints

For many competitors in the Olympics, athletics and religion are inexorably linked. Josh McAdams, a Mormon American steeplechase competitor, told the Washington Post, “athletics is not only physical and mental but spiritual.” Unfortunately for McAdams, practicing that spirituality is difficult inside the Olympic Village, as China has banned many foreign chaplains from living with the athletes. China promised to provide their own religious leaders, but the Washington Post reports that religious facilities on the Olympic grounds are remote, often don’t have enough space for worshipers, and participants are getting frustrated by the inadequate language skills of the service leaders.

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China jails monks to silence Olympic protests

Why do we see and hear nothing about this from the US press. Are we that afraid of the Chinese? Or does the almighty dollar have something to do with it?

Chinese authorities tightened security around Tibet’s main monasteries and banned visits to a sacred site on the edge of the capital, Lhasa, for fear of a fresh outburst of unrest on the Dalai Lama’s birthday.

Few monks remain, however, in the province’s three most important monasteries. Many have disappeared, their whereabouts a mystery. Chinese officials have deployed troops and paramilitary police around the ancient religious institutions, suspecting these sprawling hillside communities are at the heart of the unrest that has swept the region since early March.

Dozens, possibly several hundred, have been arrested or are detained…

Tibetan monasteries empty as China jails monks to silence Olympic protests – Times Online

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Dalai Lama speaks on Chinese Olympics, rights

“From the very beginning I have supported the Olympics,” said the Dalai Lama. “We must support China’s desires. Even after this sad situation in Tibet, today I support the Olympics.” Still, he said he fully understands why people would express frustration and protest.

Dalai Lama speaks on Chinese Olympics, rights | | Detroit Free Press