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The White Catholic Weathervane

Looking for a bellwether group to focus on in the final week of the presidential race?

Look no further than white Catholics, who have gone for the winner in every single presidential election for which exit polling exists. That means that since 1972, the candidate for whom the majority of white Catholics cast their votes has — like clockwork — claimed the presidency.

Parsing the (Tracking) Poll: The White Catholic Weathervane – The Fix

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Make-Believe Maverick

I have no problem with this story, as opposed to the questionable one entitled “My Holiday With John McCain.”  It will be published in the October 16 issue of Rolling Stone.

   This is the story of the real John McCain, the one who has been
hiding in plain sight. It is the story of a man who has consistently
put his own advancement above all else, a man willing to say and do
anything to achieve his ultimate ambition: to become commander in
chief, ascending to the one position that would finally enable him to
outrank his four-star father and grandfather.
t r u t h o u t | Make-Believe Maverick

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The Purpose-Driven Campaign

JohnMcCain and Barack Obama will make their first joint appearance of thecampaign at an event hosted by evangelical megachurch pastor RickWarren on Saturday, Aug. 16. Senior Fellow John Green answers questionsabout what the candidates stand to gain from speaking with Warren, whatchallenges Warren faces as he attempts to broaden evangelicals’political agenda and what a major Pew Forum survey says aboutmegachurches and their members. Read the Q&A ยป

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As host, McCain invites speculation

A senior McCain aide confirmed yesterday that Romney and his wife, Ann, are among 20 couples McCain and his wife have invited for the weekend, along with Governor Charlie Crist of Florida and newly elected Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

But the aide insisted that the gathering “is a purely social visit” in a scenic part of Arizona.

As host, McCain invites speculation – The Boston Globe