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Deporting Protest

Mikel Dunham, writing in Tricycle, discusses the effect of the now Maoist government in Nepal on Tibetan exiles, and their hopes (or lack thereof) for the future.

After the Spring 2008 eruption of anti-Chinese demonstrations in Tibet, Tibetan refugees staged daily protests at the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. In the fifty-plus years since Tibetan exiles first sought safe haven in Nepal, their recent public displays of outrage are unprecedented. From March to August of this year, an average of 100 demonstrators were arrested each day, only to be released that same evening. Beijing, intent on enjoying controversial-free Olympics, became ever more furious with Nepal’s interim government for not doing more to punish the demonstrators.

Mikel DunhamAll of this changed in August, when a new Maoist-predominant government came into power. Maoist leader Prachanda, the new Prime Minister, immediately lowered the boom: “Anti-China demonstrations will no longer be tolerated on Nepali soil.”

Deporting Protest | Tricycle Magazine