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Keeping Your Computer Safe on the Internet [FREE]

These days the very concept of “Internet Safety” seems like an oxymoron.

In this FREE 99 page ebook I summarize popular articles from Ask Leo! covering the basics – the things you must do, the software you must run and the concepts you need to be aware of – to keep your computer and your data safe as you use the internet.

It’s not hard, and once things are in place it’s not even time consuming.

Excellent advice from an impeccably reputable source.  Don’t even think about not downloading and reading it!

The Puget Sound Software Store: Internet Safety – Keeping Your Computer
Safe on the Internet [FREE]

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FlashGet’s Security Hole Delivers a Trojan

Steve Bass, in his Tips and Tweaks blog, relates the following:

I just uninstalled FlashGet, my favorite downloading program. It’s got a big, inviting security hole that can — and did — let a nasty Trojan worm its way onto my system. I’m not the only one having to fend off the attack. Users on the FlashGet and Kapersky Labs first raised the flag.

FlashGet’s Security Hole Delivers a Trojan