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10 Reasons Why a LGBT March on Washington is a Bad Idea

Bil Browning: 10 Reasons Why a LGBT March on Washington is a Bad Idea

An activist who worked alongside slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk announced plans yesterday for a march on Washington this fall to demand that Congress establish equality and marriage rights for the lesbian, gay, and transgender community.

Cleve Jones said the march planned for Oct. 11 will coincide with National Coming Out Day and launch a new chapter in the gay rights movement. He made the announcement during a rally at the annual Utah Pride Festival.

There are 10 major reasons why this a horrible idea….

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Gay marriage will come

Blumner: Gay marriage will come – Salt Lake Tribune

Here is what I predict the future holds for states resistant to recognition for same-sex marriage: When their economic development people try to lure Information Age companies to relocate there, the answer will come back, “How can we move to a state that doesn’t recognize the legal status of some of our employees’ marriages or their legal relationship to their children?”

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My foray into the Blogosphere

My foray into the Blogosphere – Elena Kelly – Open Salon

…when I told my wife, it took her a couple of days to work through all the emotions that came up for her. Finding out you are married to a transexual female is a huge and painful revelation for a straight woman. But she decided that she fell in love with a person, not a gender, and though I would make many outward changes, inside I was still the same one she fell in love with. Our marriage has never been better. …

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Marriage for All or None!

This morning I received an email from the Northern California ACLU saying, “In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it’s time to show some love. … Love for the right to love and the right to marry.” The email goes on to urge me to “Tell 3 people about what it means to be LGBT, or to care about someone who is. …

Frankly, given my two marriages, both of which ended in divorce, I’m not sure whether it is an act of support or of sabotage to support the right of LGBTs to marry. But it’s their gig. … Marriage for All or None! – Hawley Roddick – Open Salon

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Lawsuit Charges U.S. Department of State Discriminated Against Veteran Because He Has HIV

Doe, who was diagnosed with HIV in 2000, served his country for 20 years until his retirement from the Army in September 2001. From 2004 to 2005, he worked for Defense Department contractors in Iraq, where he led security teams on military bases. In each of these jobs, the government was aware that Doe had HIV, and had no problem with him performing the jobs in war zones in Iraq. Like many people with HIV, Doe remains healthy with an undetectable viral load.  Doe is currently working in construction, earning much less than his promised salary with Triple Canopy, and making it difficult for his family to make ends meet.

Lawsuit Charges U.S. Department of State Discriminated Against Veteran Because He Has HIV

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NJ Commission Says Gays Should Have Right To Marry

Camden, N.J. – A commission has concluded that New Jersey legislators should allow gay couples to marry, setting up what could be a spirited debate over whether the state should be the first to allow gay marriage by passing a law, rather than by court mandate.

In its final report, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, the state’s Civil Union Review Commission concluded that the state’s two-year-old civil union law doesn’t do enough to give gay couples the same protections as heterosexual married couples.  MORE>>>

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Gay Marriage Ban Inspires New Wave of Activists

Gay Marriage Ban Inspires New Wave of Activists –

SAN FRANCISCO — They’re calling it Stonewall 2.0.

Outraged by California voters’ ban on same-sex marriage, a new wave of advocates, shaken out of a generational apathy, have pushed to the forefront of the gay rights movement, using freshly minted grass-roots groups and embracing not only new technologies but also old-school methods like sit-ins and sickouts.

Sow the wind…

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Episcopal Churches Form Rival Dioceses

Episcopal Church: Conservatives upset by liberal views form rival dioceses – Los Angeles Times

Hundreds of conservative Episcopal congregations in North America, rejecting liberal biblical views of others in the denomination, formed a breakaway church Wednesday that threatened to further divide a global Anglican body already torn by the ordination of an openly gay bishop.

Leaders of the new Anglican Church in North America said they took the extraordinary step to unify congregations and dioceses that had fled the American Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada over issues of Scripture.

The 700 renegade churches, mostly from the U.S., had already expressed their displeasure by placing themselves under the jurisdiction of Anglican leaders in vast, self-governing foreign provinces.

The festering disputes have prompted numerous lawsuits over church property, as well as spirited — and prayerful — debate over the role of gays and lesbians in church life.

What a shame.  More people who have forgotten Jesus’ words.

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California Court Affirms Right to Gay Marriage

The California Supreme Court, striking down two state laws that had limited marriages to unions between a man and a woman, ruled on Thursday that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry.
California Court Affirms Right to Gay Marriage – New York Times

Yeeeeeeeee Haw!

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You don’t need to hop the A train or stroll through Golden Gate Park to hear a crazy bigot ranting about sinners and Jesus these days. Just fire up Internet Explorer and peruse the comments sections on the country’s most popular websites, which are aflame with homophobic hate speech so descriptively violent they would shock the members of Fred Phelps’s Westboro Baptist Church.

Issue Number 1002 | Homophobosphere |

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Obama Talks All Things LGBT With The Advocate

In an exclusive Chicago sit-down with The Advocate’s Kerry Eleveld, Democratic front-runner Barack Obama discusses “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the Reverend Wright, and what he would do for LGBT Americans if he becomes president.

Obama Talks All Things LGBT With The Advocate |