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My foray into the Blogosphere

My foray into the Blogosphere – Elena Kelly – Open Salon

…when I told my wife, it took her a couple of days to work through all the emotions that came up for her. Finding out you are married to a transexual female is a huge and painful revelation for a straight woman. But she decided that she fell in love with a person, not a gender, and though I would make many outward changes, inside I was still the same one she fell in love with. Our marriage has never been better. …

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Marriage for All or None!

This morning I received an email from the Northern California ACLU saying, “In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it’s time to show some love. … Love for the right to love and the right to marry.” The email goes on to urge me to “Tell 3 people about what it means to be LGBT, or to care about someone who is. …

Frankly, given my two marriages, both of which ended in divorce, I’m not sure whether it is an act of support or of sabotage to support the right of LGBTs to marry. But it’s their gig. … Marriage for All or None! – Hawley Roddick – Open Salon