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Buddha Inside, Buddha Outside

James, at The Buddhist Blog, comments on the Cyclic Universe theory and what it means to him as a Buddhist.  Interesting, in terms of interdependent origination.

Also, he mentions that his blog has passed 200,000 hits.  Congrats, James!

Each form, each particle, is a Buddha. One form is all Buddhas. All forms, all particles, are all Buddhas. All forms, sounds, scents, feelings, and phenomena are also like this, each filling all fields. -Pai-chang

James: This sentiment pretty much sums Buddhism up for me. It is the wisdom that sees my DNA as apart of Buddha just as it is apart of star dust, refuse, the air, birds, other sentient beings, rocks and subatomic particles. This is a huge reason why I believe in the cyclic universe theory that the Universe will die but will also be reborn only to die again and be reborn, etc. It reminds me that Buddha is both eternal and not eternal just as all things.

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