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Collective Lens – Photography for Social Change

Collective Lens uses photography to connect individuals to the social and humanitarian concerns of today’s world. By submitting photographs to promote awareness of various social causes, you can inspire others to become involved with important issues. Photographers may submit photos or contribute photo essays that help to educate the public, promote charitable acts or organizations, or showcase humanitarian needs.

Collective Lens – Photography for Social Change

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US can forget about winning in Iraq: top retired general – Yahoo! News


SAN ANTONIO, United States (AFP) – The man who commanded US-led coalition forces during the first year of the Iraq war says the United States can forget about winning the war.

“I think if we do the right things politically and economically with the right Iraqi leadership we could still salvage at least a stalemate, if you will — not a stalemate but at least stave off defeat,” retired Army Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez said in an interview.

Sanchez, in his first interview since he retired last year, is the highest-ranking former military leader yet to suggest the Bush administration has fallen short in Iraq.

“I am absolutely convinced that America has a crisis in leadership at this time,” Sanchez told AFP after a recent speech in San Antonio, Texas.

“We’ve got to do whatever we can to help the next generation of leaders do better than we have done over the past five years, better than what this cohort of political and military leaders have done,” adding that he was “referring to our national political leadership in its entirety” – not just President George W. Bush.

Sanchez called the situation in Iraq bleak, which he blamed on “the abysmal performance in the early stages and the transition of sovereignty.”

He included himself among those who erred in Iraq’s crucial first year after the toppling of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. READ MORE>>>

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Buddhism in the ‘burbs


On the last day of his visit, I surprised The Fireman by taking him to Hsi Lai Temple. I didn’t even know that Hsi Lai Temple existed, but The Fireman mentioned it wistfully as one of the places he missed most in Southern California so I did some quick Googling to find out more information.

When we arrived, I was completely unprepared for the 15-acre temple complex that springs up suddenly in the middle of residential Hacienda Heights.

[With photos]

Source: Buddhism in the ‘burbs