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Can you get by without owning a car? GreenDAY offers some bright ideas

If only I lived in an area where this was practical!  My 36-mile commute on I-95 is, unfortunately, a non-starter — especially in Florida weather.

…while choosing a hybrid and/or fuel-efficient vehicle is a positive step in a green direction, personally I’m more excited about skipping the purchase of a giant four-wheeled hunk of metal for something more streamlined and innovative….

Green wheels are the new hot wheels – GreenDAY –

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Greenhouse Gas Cuts Easy on American Wallets

WASHINGTON, DC, April 22, 2008 (ENS) – The overall cost of capping greenhouse gases for the average American family will amount to less than one percent of household budgets over the next two decades, finds a new analysis released Monday by the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund.

The anticipated cost to the U.S. economy of reducing emissions is small, even difficult to measure against projected economic growth, but the most expensive policy by far is to do nothing at all.
Greenhouse Gas Cuts Easy on American Wallets: Analysis