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Buddhism and Christmas

With Thanksgiving having passed by recently, Americans are all gearing up for Xmas. Buddhism is a religion that doesn’t necessarily have any strict holidays, instead Buddhism blends into local cultures. There are some general holidays in Buddhism such as:

    * The Buddha’s Birthday, typically in spring (called Hanamatsuri in Japanese).
    * Bodhi Day, or Enlightenment Day, happens in early December and celebrates the awakening of the Buddha.

Beyond this though, most holidays are specific to sects, cultures, etc. So, being an American, who did from a Christian background as a kid, I have to wonder what I will do for Christmas.

Buddhism and Christmas « The Level 8th Buddhist

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Bottom-ranked school shoots to top after introducing Harry Potter-themed curriculum

A primary school has been praised as “outstanding” in an official
government report after introducing Harry Potter-themed lessons, it has
been revealed.

The fictional young wizard created by J K Rowling has helped
standards at Robert Mellors Primary and Nursery in Arnold,
Nottinghamshire, rise dramatically after pupils picked him to be the
inspiration for all their classes.

This term has seen the seven to 11 year olds learning
subtraction with the help of a Potter-esque “spell”, writing their own
plays based on the best-selling books and even keeping fit by
pretending to get on and off imaginary broomsticks.

Bottom-ranked school shoots to top after introducing Harry Potter-themed curriculum | the Daily Mail

No doubt they’ll all go to hell, but at least they’ll be educated enough not to think it’s real.

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Hosting an Alcoholic or Addict

 With the holidays fast approaching, it seems like a good time to talk a bit about our recovering friends. We want them to come to the party, but we don’t want to endanger their sobriety. What to do?

Social occasions that involve people in recovery—especially early recovery—can pose some perplexing problems for the hosts. On one hand, a host who is aware of a guest’s need to avoid mood-altering substances may wish to do what is possible to keep from exposing them to temptation. On the other hand, social drinking is a part of everyday American culture. Most social gatherings involve some drinking by some of the guests. A host may be at a loss as to how she ought to deal with recovering guests.

There are some simple things to remember.

Hosting an Alcoholic or Addict « Putting the Pieces Together

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How an Iowa man grows a 1,600-pound pumpkin

“It’s extreme gardening,” Young says, strolling through the remnants of his pumpkin plot. He stops at a smooth spot in the dirt the size of a minke whale. It’s where Young grew the second-largest pumpkin the world has ever seen.

The “big guy,” he calls it, weighed in at 1,662 pounds. In the last decade, big-pumpkin growing has gone from a farmer’s hobby to a regulated, worldwide competition. The boom in gourds has been fueled mainly by the Internet, which makes seeds and growing advice widely available. This year, nine pumpkins outweighed last year’s world record holder. Young’s missed being crowned king gourd by only 27 pounds…

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I don’t need to be protected from Hallowe’en, thank you very much!

I find myself annoyed, around Hallowe’en, by the folks who feel it necessary to make a statement by arranging “alternate” celebrations so that their kids (and, presumably, themselves), won’t be tainted by association with this horrible “pagan” holiday.

In the first place, Hallowe’en–originally All-hallows Eve–is in most of the Christian world celebrated as an important religious holiday, the purpose of which is to honor the souls of the departed. Continue reading

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Like a Windshield Cowboy

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox refers to president Bush in his book as a “Windshield Cowboy,” who refused to ride a horse when he visited Fox’s ranch.

It didn’t take long…

I’ve been wearin’ these shades so long
Toutin’ the same old wrong
I know every hole in these brushy acres at Crawford
Where deception’s the name
of my game
And nice guys
get washed away
like the snow
and the rain

….Like a windshield cowboy

Lying my way through another put-up show…

Read the rest, see the pictures, sing it…