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The Boy Scouts’ Free-Speech Fight

The City of Philadelphia wants the Boy Scouts to be prepared — prepared, that is, to change their views on homosexuality or get out of the city-owned building they have occupied for 80 years. …

“If we were talking about an organization that discriminated against
African Americans, Italians, the Irish, Catholics, people of the
Jewish faith, or any of a number of other categories, there would be such an
outrage that you wouldn’t be able to contain it,” said Nutter, who has
continued Street’s policy. “I don’t understand…how the organization
can countenance discrimination and then expect to carry out that
activity on public property.”

“Philadelphia, which is the cradle of liberty, is now the graveyard of
liberty,” Scouts spokesman Bob Bork said. “Philadelphia has put a
bounty on free speech and that bounty, in the Scouts case, is $200,000 a
year.” Indeed, the Supreme Court did uphold the Scouts’ policy in 2000,
when it said that, as a private organization, the Scouts had a right to set
their own terms of admission. …
The Boy Scouts’ Free-Speech Fight – TIME