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Plants Converted Directly Into Biogasoline, Not Ethanol

MADISON, Wisconsin, March 27, 2008 (ENS) – A Wisconsin bioscience company and Royal Dutch Shell say they have developed a process to convert plant sugars directly into gasoline and gasoline blend components, rather than ethanol.

The sugars can be sourced from non-food sources like corn stover, switchgrass, wheat straw and sugarcane pulp, in addition to conventional biofuel feedstock like wheat, corn and sugarcane.

The companies have so far collaborated for one year on the research. They say the technology has advanced rapidly, exceeding milestones for yield, product composition, and cost.

Plants Converted Directly Into Biogasoline, Not Ethanol

I’m still not getting the part where this does much beyond depleting our ability to use land area for food crops, but at least it’s better than the ethanol scam.

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Why Biofuels Are A Scam That Will Ultimately Sink US

Dwindling foreign oil, rising prices at the gas pump and hype from politically well-connected U.S. agribusiness have combined to create a frenzied rush to convert food grains into ethanol fuel. The move is badly conceived and ill advised. Corporate spin and pork barrel legislation aside, here, by the numbers, are the scientific reasons why corn won’t provide our energy needs: STLtoday – Corn can’t save us

The administration and their friends have been leading us down the biofuel path for reasons that have nothing to do with energy independence. It’s time for Americans (and the rest of the world) to wake up and smell the Kool-Aid.