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Bush Conserves Vast Areas of Pacific Ocean as Monuments

Just two weeks before he leaves office, President George W. Bush today set aside three new marine national monuments in the Pacific Ocean. Taken together, the three monuments cover nearly 200,000 square miles, and they will now receive America’s highest level of environmental recognition and conservation, the president said.

None of them, you will note, is likely to interfere with offshore drilling or the economic activities of his friends, but Bush will be able to claim he has saved 200,000+ square miles of ocean from environmental degradation (apart from what drifts in).  Who…me? Cynical?

Bush Conserves Vast Areas of Pacific Ocean as Monuments

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Environment News Service

2008 Among 10 Warmest Years on Record, UN Reports

Climate extremes, including devastating floods, severe and persistent droughts, snowstorms, and heat and cold waves, were recorded in many parts of the world. …

Brazil Declares Whale Sanctuary Along Entire Coast

Brazilian waters stretch along the nation’s 8,000 kilometer (5,000 mile) long coastline on the east and northeast coast of South America. In September, Chile enacted a law declaring Chilean jurisdictional waters to be a whale sanctuary. …

Smart Lighting Will Save Trillions of Dollars, Gigatons of CO2

Innovations in photonics and solid state lighting will lead to trillions of dollars in cost savings, along with a massive reduction in the amount of energy required to light homes and businesses around the globe, write co-authors E. Fred Schubert and Jong Kyu Kim. …

via Environment News Service.

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Environment News Service reports that Kenya is about to allow the destruction of a huge bio-reservoir to produce biofuel. We know that Kenya is one of the most needy countries in the world, but how much of the gelt from that destruction do you think the poor folks of Kenya will enjoy? Ummmm?

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 26, 2008 (ENS) – Kenya’s Tana River Delta, inhabited by 350 species of birds, lions, elephants, rare sharks and reptiles, is about to be converted to sugar cane production over the objections of conservationists and local communities. The Kenyan government has approved a proposal by a publicly traded company based in Nairobi to covert 2,000 square kilometers of the pristine delta into irrigated sugarcane plantations.


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Wind power affordable, available, given the will

A stunning new report just issued by the Bush administration finds that for under 2 cents a day per household, Americans could get 300 gigawatts of wind by 2030.

Wind power, alternative energy | Salon News

There are some issues: turbines need to be placed off flyways to protect migrating birds, other measures to protect birds need to be developed, but these are doable and are the major stumbling blocks apart from appearance and political inertia.

NB: think the Bushes and their friends are investing in wind power? Snark, snark…