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Buddha Mind

Consider the empty monarch of mind: unknown, hidden, not understood at all. it has no shape nor form, yet it has unimaginable power.  It is able to eliminate a thousand problems, and perfect ten times that many perfections.  Although it has no essence, it gives guidance.  It cannot be seen, but it has a voice.  It is a wonderful leader of the spirit, and its abilities carry these scriptures.

As salt in water, as binding in the artist’s ink, it is there, but it remains unseen.  Such is the monarch of mind.  It lives inside the body.  It goes in and out of the senses, it responds appropriately to other beings without hindrance.  It succeeds in all that it does.

When you perceive the mind, you perceive Buddha.  The mind is Buddha, and Buddha is mind.  When we remain mindful of the buddha mind, the buddha mind is mindful of Buddha.  If you wish to become enlightened, discipline the mind and yourself.  Purify your habits and mind, and you will find that the mind itself is Buddha.  This mind monarch is the only Buddha.

~ Fu Shan Hui (487-569)