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Vice Magazine – BIBLE BABIES – Inside the Weird World of Brazil’s Child Preachers

Managed by their parents, on tour 365 days a year, and charging $900 for a two-hour sermon, child preachers are big business in Brazil. Each event is a finely tuned marketing maneuver promoted with posters, magazine coverage, and radio ads. If you want one of these kid wonders to visit your parish, you’ll also have to fork over a down payment on a minimum of 150 DVDs (around $750).

Considering that there are approximately 17,000 evangelical parishes with over 24 million members across a country renowned for its drugs, violence, and general depravity, Brazil is a huge market for potential “salvation.” We met up with three of the country’s most popular pint-size proselytizers to see what happens when people stop being polite and start being Brazilian child preachers. …

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Brazil becomes antipoverty showcase

The country’s Bolsa Familia program – which pays poor mothers to keep their children in school and follow healthcare rules – is reducing poverty.

Brazil becomes antipoverty showcase |

Of course, it costs too much for the richest country in the world to do anything like that.  Besides, who wants poor people who can read, write, think for themselves and see through lies?