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10 Reasons Why a LGBT March on Washington is a Bad Idea

Bil Browning: 10 Reasons Why a LGBT March on Washington is a Bad Idea

An activist who worked alongside slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk announced plans yesterday for a march on Washington this fall to demand that Congress establish equality and marriage rights for the lesbian, gay, and transgender community.

Cleve Jones said the march planned for Oct. 11 will coincide with National Coming Out Day and launch a new chapter in the gay rights movement. He made the announcement during a rally at the annual Utah Pride Festival.

There are 10 major reasons why this a horrible idea….

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Gay parents rights: Gay parents rights issue divides U.S., not families —

…away from the polarizing rhetoric of a campaign, what do researchers know about people like Fakhrid-Deen? Do the children fare better or worse than those with heterosexual parents? Are they, as social conservatives assert, more apt to experience harmful effects and confusion about their sexuality?

At least 4 million U.S. children have one or both parents who identify themselves as homosexual, said Gary Gates of the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, but long-term studies are still limited.

Sociologists Judith Stacey and Timothy Biblarz published an analysis in 2001 in the American Sociological Review of 21 studies of children raised by homosexual parents and found that, overall, they were no more likely to suffer from psychological problems than kids raised in conventional homes.

“There was a very strong consensus that kids turned out about the same,” Stacey said.

via Gay parents rights: Gay parents rights issue divides U.S., not families —

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Roquefort Row Threatens US/French Detente

Charles Bremner – Times Online – WBLG: Cheese threatens Obama’s French honeymoon

The story began last Thursday [1/15/09] when [George Bush] suddenly tripled an already heavy duty on the pungent blue cheese from the southern Massif Central. The idea was to punish Europe for maintaining a longstanding ban on beef from US cattle that had been administered with growth hormones. Roquefort had been under a 100 percent retaliatory duty since 1999.

Some in France have been quick to see the new Washington measure as petty, belated revenge against the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” for their opposition to the 2003 Iraq invasion. The Americans slapped new duty on an array of other EU food imports, including fruit, chocolate and chewing gum, but none was subject to the 300 percent reserved for roquefort…..

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apocalypse whenever

apocalypse whenever – mistercomedy – Open Salon

As hopeful as I am on this morning after, the cynic in me always is ready for things to go kerflooey on a global scale. What with the Gaza situation, China back to its repressive, pre-Olympics mindset and Russia seemingly nostalgic for a Cold War redux, my mind starts to wax apocalyptic. And when things get real scary, like most people, I think about starting my own religious cult. I’ve obviously got the leadership thing down, having been captain of my high-school debate team. If you’re not inclined to join my cult, maybe you’ll want to start your own, and in the that spirit, I’ve put together some tips to make your cult as successful as possible.