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Buddhism in Bhutan

Religion permeates much of the Bhutanese lifestyle. Tall prayer flags flap in the wind on every hillside. Sometimes you might see a bunch of five in varying colors while other times there may be dozens of white flags standing proud. They’re all beautiful and a reminder of the importance of Buddhism to this culture.

Buddhism in Bhutan


Anatomy of a Bodhi Seed

Let us say your very dear friend and teacher returns from a pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya with a wonderful gift — an antique mala — of bodhi seed. You would be very pleased, perhaps, (although remaining unattached, of course). Let us say that later on the cord breaks and that you decide, before restringing, that the seeds are very dry despite occasional soakings and that, since they have long since lost their distinctive odor anyway, you can best rejuvenate them by applying lemon oil.Should something similar occur in your trip(ping) down the Dharma road, here are a couple of things you need to know.