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What…Me Sober?

Essays, Articles and Commentary on Addiction and Alcoholism

Early Recovery

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

(Why We Don’t Get Better Immediately)

You…Just…Never…Know — A Drunk Story – by Bill

What About the Way I Drink?

The Stockbroker and the Proctologist

Denial Ain’t A River In Africa

What About All Those Meetings?

Going to Meetings

Home Groups


Movin’ On

Religion or Spirituality? A Checklist

Contempt Without Investigation

Depression and Recovery

Messin’ With My Own Head

Spirituality and the Twelve Steps

The Things We Say — A Primer in Thinking


The Eleventh Step

Thoughts, Stress and Reality

As Sick As Our Secrets

Family and Friends

Fixing The Family

White Flags and Making Friends

Hosting an Addict or Alcoholic

Punitive Measures Are Not the Answer to Addiction

Working With Others

Life With the Walking Wounded

The Hardest Part

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