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Will it be harder to recover if you don’t believe in God?


If we believe in a loving god who cares what happens to us, looks after us, and answers prayers, the peace that our belief brings will unquestionably be a great support in recovery.  On the other hand, if we believe that a god will take care of us simply because we ask, without our putting any effort into our recovery process, then it is quite possible that believing could hinder our recovery.  Likewise, if we were raised to believe in a harsh, punishing god who will make us pay for our transgressions, we may find that we are emotionally unable to deal with the implications and may so totally reject the “God Thing” (as many of us call it) that we end up throwing our recovery out with our religious beliefs.

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Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

6 thoughts on “Will it be harder to recover if you don’t believe in God?

  1. well, you’re absolutely right, Bill. i didn’t read the whole piece but rather just the headline which was totally unfair on my part…
    the headline was enough to relight some smoldering upsettness over a not too pleasant or helpful experience while “in recovery” …. seems i’m still holding onto it too tightly….

  2. It was harder to recover due to the pestering by (well meaning) folks who were certain I would drink again if I did not accept the god of their or the Big Book’s understanding…

    I took ‘be a lamp unto your own feet’ wholeheartedly, reduced my regular meeting attendance from one a week to (over a period of one year) one a month…

    I’ve been recovered for several years now, and attend one meeting a year to receive my anniversary chip, and kindly endure their well meaning inquisition…

    • Whatever gets you through the night, John. I hope you get through many more, sober. I’m thinking that you missed the point of the article — or, perhaps, didn’t read the whole thing — but that’s OK. Keep on keepin’ on.


  3. I think that if we think of God as a Being that gives us all we ask for, then we will not recover fully, but if we think that God works with us by giving us strength, for instance, then we may recovery faster because we have faith that some higher Being in guiding us, while we are doing the work. Peace.

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