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A Personal Note To My Loyal Readers


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If you have been around here much, you will have noted that lately my posts have dropped off dramatically. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in Digital Dharma, but rather a matter of time constraints.

For about a year I have been writing a blog for a chain of drug and alcohol detox facilities. I took on the job primarily because it was a unique way to facilitate the spread of information and hope regarding addiction and recovery. Over the past few months it has turned into a sort of full-time part-time position, and my duties have expanded to writing informational material that will eventually be placed in such a way as to reach most everyone who contacts any of the facilities.

This is far more reach than I had hoped for when I took on the project, and it is highly gratifying as well as remunerative. However, it also means that, if I am to have a life beyond the keyboard, I need to prioritize with regard to my other ventures.

Digital Dharma has been, and is, extremely important to me. The PAWS article has been one of the most successful things I’ve ever written, and continues to bring me a great deal of satisfaction as I interact with the folks who have found it helpful. I continue to practice in my own clumsy way, and Right Livelihood is one of the reasons I took the new job. I will be posting here as time allows, but the other project must come first, for now (and, of course, there is my “real” job).

If you want to check by the Sunrise Detox Blog, you will find a lot of good stuff there for those who are interested in recovery. Poke around in the archives and on the secondary pages.  And give me some feedback, OK?  This kind of writing is a whole new venture for me. I’ve never before attempted to write for people who are not yet in recovery. It requires looking at familiar things from a whole new point of view, and the differences are many and interesting.

Thanks for reading Digital Dharma, and don’t give up on me, I’ll be around. In the meantime, Namasté, and “keep on keepin’ on.”


Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

5 thoughts on “A Personal Note To My Loyal Readers

  1. I have to say I am thrilled that you will be reaching more people who will benefit from your wisdom

  2. Ain’t recovery wonderful!

  3. i have you on my RSS feed, so no worries. when you get time to post, i’ll hear about it. : )

  4. Bill, I just came to check on Digital Dharma… wondering where you’ve been lately. Thanks for sharing your good news about the job and changes in your life! Off to check out Sunrise Detox blog 🙂
    take care,

  5. Very happy news! Although we will miss hearing from you so often, I have to say I am thrilled that you will be reaching more people who will benefit from your wisdom! Have a fabulous journey! Until we meet again…

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