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On Coming Back as a Buzzard

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I KNOW, COMING BACK AS A CROW IS A LOT MORE ATTRACTIVE. If crows and buzzards do the same rough job—picking, tearing, and cleaning up—who wouldn’t rather return as a shiny blueblkvulture crow with a mind for locks and puzzles? A strong voice, and poem-struck. Sleek, familial, omen-bearing. Full of mourning and ardor and talk. Buzzards are nothing like this, but something other, complicated by strangeness and ugliness. They intensify my thinking. They look prehistoric, pieced together, concerned. I might simply say I feel closer to them—always have—and proceed. Because, really, as I turn it over, the problem I’m working on here, coming back as a buzzard, has not so much to do with buzzards after all….

On Coming Back as a Buzzard | Orion Magazine

Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

One thought on “On Coming Back as a Buzzard

  1. Loooooved this. Thank you so much, DigitalZen.

    Julie Z.

    You’re welcome, Julie.
    Bill (Crackerboy)

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