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Mel Gibson’s family values


Mel Gibson’s family values | Salon

The ultra-orthodox Catholic can’t get remarried in the church unless he says he made a “mistake” and gets an annulment — after a 28-year marriage. Time to reform Catholic divorce.

Holy Week ended with a big bang in the conservative Catholic community. Robyn Moore, Mel Gibson’s wife of 28 years and mother of their seven children, filed for divorce in Los Angeles. With no prenuptial agreement, she is likely to get a settlement worth somewhere around half a billion dollars….

Hoist on his own… um … petard.

Author: Bill

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2 thoughts on “Mel Gibson’s family values

  1. And it certainly impacts my relationship with the “church” as well.

  2. Those folks who condemn divorce often do so quoting the “let know man dissolve what God has joined together”. I believe that it’s highly presumptive to believe that what we join together is what God joins together. Of course, the RC hierarchy has long advocated that THEY are the arbiters of God’s will. Needless to say, my protestentism is quite safe.

    The incongruity in the idea that a God, if it existed, would require either our approval of Its work or our help was what drove me away from the Western mythos.

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