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The Cost of Cuddly Carnivores

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Ever since the Stanford economist Rosamond Naylor concluded in a 2000 paper in the journal Nature that it took three pounds of wild fish to provide enough food to grow one pound of farmed salmon, environmentalists have been apoplectic. They argue that the removal of wild “forage” fish threatens to starve whales, seals and other predators; that anchovies, mackerel and other “pelagic forage fish” should be used to feed humans; and that feed made from wild fish can give farm-raised fish higher levels of contaminants. As a result of all these issues, ocean preservationists have focused their ire on salmon farming. But in doing so they diverted attention from another problem of equal importance: the role played by those land-based creatures that also put their muzzles in the fish meal trough.
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Author: Bill

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One thought on “The Cost of Cuddly Carnivores

  1. Well done Bill – and let’s not forget about the fish meal consumed by salmon “ranching”. Like you so correctly pointed out, salmon “farmers” have taken it on the chin for several years now, while salmon “ranchers” aren’t even talked about.

    It’s good that people like you are able to put things into context for people who just don’t have the time to look deeply into complex issues.

    Something to remember when you’re ordering that “wild” Alaskan salmon, that it ain’t so wild afterall.

    Keep up the good work!

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