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David Brooks reveals the mentality of the Beltway journalist

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Glenn Greenwald writes in Salon that the “Liberal” media r-e-a-l-l-y aren’t. In fact, according to him, they’re pretty reactionary.  (Links to some other good stuff, too.  Check out the Bill Moyers interview.)

The New York Times’ David Brooks and Gail Collins had an online “conversation” with one another this week, and Brooks did an excellent job of explicitly demonstrating most everything that is relevant — and destructive — about the mentality of the standard Beltway journalist (h/t reader jm). In fact, much of what Brooks wrote about what he believes tracks almost completely the discussion I had with Jay Rosen on Bill Moyers’ show last week regarding the rot of the American political press. First, there’s this from Brooks:

What I’m really annoyed by, though, is the withdrawal of Tom Daschle. What are we, a nation of virgins? . . .

Of course, Obama asked for all this with his cynical promise to ban lobbyists from his administration. There’s a word for lobbyists: experts. Some are sleazy and many are quite admirable, but the idea of trying to run Washington without them is absurd. …  David Brooks reveals the mentality of the Beltway journalist – Glenn Greenwald –

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