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Class Warfare: Heroic Labor (pictorial)

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Docudharma has an excellent selection of WPA and other photographs from the Great Depression era, showing us what real work was like. Those who whine about laboring in air conditioning in front of keyboards — take note, and pray that this doesn’t happen to you.

One thing about the New Deal is that it was well documented. Some of the best photographers of the day were hired by Roy Stryker in the Farm Security Administration. Lewis Hine worked for the TVA/CCC.

Pretty much every New Deal agency sent photographers out to document both the need for their activities, and also the results. There’s some terrific photographs which don’t have the artist identified. And I do mean artist.

Docudharma:: Class Warfare: Heroic Labor (pictorial)

Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

One thought on “Class Warfare: Heroic Labor (pictorial)

  1. Thanks, Bill. I’m in the process of creating a post featuring Depression and labor organizing songs. I quick glance the site has already given me ideas.

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