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Japanese Religious Groups Concerned Over Effects of Judicial Changes

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It seems to me that this is an issue that will resolve itself as people become more cognizant of the actual meaning of the lay judgeship, and the judiciary considers some case law.  Nonetheless, it ties in with other philosophical issues that concern all Buddhists.

Religious groups fret over lay judges

Some religious organizations have expressed uncertainty about how to deal with the nation’s lay judge system scheduled to begin in May.

Under the system, ordinary citizens, along with professional judges, will have to pass judgment on defendants in criminal trials.

Observers point out that religious leaders who seek to help people are unsure about whether they should play a role in bringing criminals to justice.

They also note the lay judge system has stirred debate over the stance religions should take over participation in social processes such as the lay judge system, under which lay judges might have to become involved in death sentence decisions….

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