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Catholic church welcomes married priest

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Catholic church welcomes married priest | – Portland, Oregon | Local & Regional

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) – The day after his ordination as a Roman Catholic priest, Father Tom McMichael stood in front of the altar at Assumption Church after Sunday Mass, while members of the congregation raised both hands in a gesture of welcome and blessing.

The welcoming of a new priest is a special moment for any church, but this moment may have been more special than most: At McMichael’s side was Karin McMichael, his wife of 23 years. …

This is a more common thing than most people know, one that the Church keeps tightly to its vest in the debate over a married priesthood.

The real bottom line is…the bottom line.  Married priests would cost the church billions in increased salaries, residential requirements, retirement plans, and other expenses.

This is the same underlying reason that business does not want marriage for homosexuals, BTW.  It’s much cheaper to keep the people stirred up about protecting marriage than it is to deal with the cost of giving people their rights as human beings, and with your religious flunkies doing the stirring for you, you don’t even have to admit that your hands are dirty.

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One thought on “Catholic church welcomes married priest

  1. I am born in a Roman Catholic family in India. I am of the firm opinion that the priests should be permited to get married, if they so desire. The celibacy should be optional and not mandatory.
    By Vincent Bagul, India

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