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Religion Versus Faith

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Man, am I cranky today. First, I am cranky that every time a Christian church does something wonderful and good, you don’t hear about it. Whenever someone’s faith in God performs miracles in their life, the media is silent. But the second some wacko sees the Virgin Mary in a bowl of alphabet soup, or some stupid church in Jacksonville, Florida violates basic Christian principles of Grace, it is all over FOX news or CNN. It is as if any time there is a chance to show how retarded religion and faith are they put it on page one.

I’m talking about the story a few weeks ago about some woman who saw the formerly Virgin Mary in her MRI scan, and the headline on FOX news today that some church in Jacksonville is going all kool-aid cult like on some woman.

So, I am angry at the concerted effort of the media to consistently show faith and religion as stupid and retarded.

But, I am also angry at this church in Jacksonville, Florida, who actually was stupid enough to send a written letter to a former member, telling her she needed to meet with them and repent of her sins, or they would publicly admonish her in front of the entire congregation January 4th. Happy New Year! … more

via Some Cranky Guy.

Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

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