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A Buddhist Chapel at….the Air Force Academy?

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This interesting Tricycle article comes via Wildmind’s excellent blog.

Salute to Buddhism | Tricycle Magazine

The $85,000 hall, situated in the Air Force Academy Chapel’s basement, was built with donations from Friends of Zen, a nonprofit that supports the development of Rinzai Zen sanghas, and from the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism. The space features a meticulous attention to detail: matte green walls, recessed lighting, a beautiful and intricate altar, and on the floor and walls the hand-planed finish of rare Port Orford Cedar (actually a misnomer since the tree is a cypress belonging to the same family as Japanese Hinoki, used in many Japanese temples). It’s hard to believe that only three months ago this same room was so aesthetically unpleasant that the door was kept locked so visitors to the chapel would not see it.

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