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Vatican goes green with solar power

(ANSA) – Vatican City, November 26 – Benedict XVI reconfirmed his reputation as the ‘green pope’ on Wednesday when the Vatican inaugurated its first solar power energy system.

Some 2,400 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Paul VI auditorium, which is used for papal audiences in the winter and during bad weather the rest of the year.

The official Vatican newspaper, Osservatore Romano, said the panels will generate around 300 megawatt hours of ‘clean’ energy each year which will go towards providing lighting, heat and air conditioning for the auditorium and several surrounding buildings.

The system will also cut down on the Vatican’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by 225,000 kg and save the equivalent of 80 tonnes of oil, the newspaper said.

Great! Now let’s see them get going on that pesky overpopulation problem.

Author: Bill

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