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I do this once a year, just before the holidays…

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For the last four years I’ve been parking most of my photos on  In fact, the only reason I have any elsewhere is if I need to give other people editing privileges.  During the four years, I have had zero complaints, and I’ve watched them roll out one superior feature after another, most with no charge above the basic price.

Yes, there’s a charge.  But for about 11¢ a day you get things like: secure backup, unlimited storage on Amazon’s S3 servers, backup DVDs for a minimal charge, NO ADS, total privacy, controllable as you wish, a broad variety of themes to personalize pages, photo email, storage of images at full size, online editing, retrieval and downloading of high resolution images at full size, your own subdomain (like, timeline view, iPhone access, posting of phone images, and a lot more.  That’s all for $39.95 a year, along with your own self-administered groups, a huge community, unlimited linking, complete viewing statistics, and other amenities.

Smugmug is a great place to park holiday photos to share with family and friends.  They can download them, or have them professionally printed for a very reasonable price.  Dozens of pros use this site, and the printing options are amazing!

Sure, it’s not for everyone.  This isn’t your buddy’s free site, where everyone’s pages look the same.  It’s a site for professionals, made available to anyone who really cares about their online presence.  You should at least take a look, and if you decide to join us, you can use code sXsDnPsEq7NcE when asked for a referral source, and they’ll knock $5.00 off the tab.

If you want to see what one of the many gallery themes looks like, check this out.

Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

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