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Dear Bill,

Re-opening the Gates to TassajaraThe first rains of the season came to Tassajara this weekend and dropped approximately 1-1/4 inches of water on Saturday night. According to Keith Meyerhoff, the rain was spread out over the night and did not cause too much concern. There were some minor slides at the lower barn (which is vacant during the practice period), at the pool, and at that picnic table on the way to the bathhouse. The road also had some slides and rocks but Leslie James went in this morning and the road was easily passable.

As mentioned in the sangha-e!

in October, there is an effort underway right now to prepare Tassajara for the winter rains. With the mountains barren, there is concern for flooding, landslides and rock falls. Our neighbor Little Bear and his crew have brought in heavy machines to help build barriers and reinforce unstable areas. Tassajara students participating in the practice period and the work crew have been informed of any potential dangers and all have elected to stay.

More rain is expected tonight, but not much. More light rain is expected next weekend.

We will continue to send updates to this list as events warrant. Light storms will likely pass without comment, but if there is a strong storm or if something happens at Tassajara, we will be sure to post an update.

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