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The White Catholic Weathervane

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Looking for a bellwether group to focus on in the final week of the presidential race?

Look no further than white Catholics, who have gone for the winner in every single presidential election for which exit polling exists. That means that since 1972, the candidate for whom the majority of white Catholics cast their votes has — like clockwork — claimed the presidency.

Parsing the (Tracking) Poll: The White Catholic Weathervane – The Fix

Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

One thought on “The White Catholic Weathervane

  1. Lets see Obama hmmm . We dont want to answer the hard questions. We want you to follows us like SHEEP . We dont want you to see the tape . We want you to give us your HARD earned money so we can give it out to those who have not earned it. We want to raise taxes when the dollar is down. We want you to follow US LIKE SHEEP.

    America dont go BA BA we are not sheep . If he is so truthful then ANSWER THE HARD QUESTIONS. SHOW US THE TAPE. Bums voting with no proof of address Acorn and its fraudulent registrations. Acorn trained by Obama. Can we say flim flam man. Snake oil salesman .The DNC ha shad controll of congress for 2 years they made this mess. Dont give away this great NATION. If we do then this great Nation will pay .

    The Republican president vetoed every bill the Democrats tried to push through that didn’t have the backing of a majority of Republicans as well. If you paid attention to how the country is really run, instead of getting your information from Rush Limbaugh, you’d know the DNC couldn’t have been responsible for anything since around 1998, and that the deregulation that started the problem was promulgated (look it up) by Ronald Reagan long before you were born.

    As far as sheep are concerned, what would you call someone who writes two paragraphs of supposed commentary without one original thought — a maverick?

    Well, maybe a McSame maverick, come to think of it.

    This is the kind of critical thinking that is responsible for the past 8 years, folks. Thank your lucky stars they’re almost out of power.

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