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Apocalypse Now, Palin?

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Given that Evangelicals, among whose numbers Sara Palin happily counts herself, believe that it’s perfectly OK to help God along with His plans (and that those who disagree don’t get a vote), Lauren Sandler poses a question that the cowards in the mainstream press have staunchly “overlooked.”

As Palin herself joked on Saturday Night Live, she hasn’t been taking questions. But in those rare attempts to discover what happens under that immovable updo, no one has asked the one I would most like to hear Sarah Palin answer –as she may still hover a melanoma away from holding the most important office on the planet, at one of the most crucial moments in world history. Does Sarah Palin think we are living in the End Times?

 Lauren Sandler: In The Last Days Of The Election: Apocalypse Now, Palin?

Author: Bill

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One thought on “Apocalypse Now, Palin?

  1. I didn’t read the article, but I grew up in an evangelical church. You can find crazy people anywhere, but in general there’s nothing scary about evangelicals. The biggest harm they do is in psychological damage (guilt, sexual repression, etc) to themselves and other Christians. I am not an atheist/Buddhist, but in the church and denomination I grew up in (Christian Reformed) there was no obsession with the apocalypse, nor would anyone want to hasten it’s arrival. There was denial of evolution. There was a lot of rationalization of fantastic beliefs, but in general they were concerned with friends, family, work, and making the world a better place. There may be denominations or churches that are more out there, but not the majority.

    I will vote for Obama and did not like Palin as VP choice, but I would vote for an evangelical for any office as long as she believed in separation of church and state.

    Fear and doom won’t get us anywhere. Palin has inflamed the culture war; let’s fight it by remaining reasonable and calling out the extremists on our own side.

    You are certainly right in essence, although I think you would have taken my point — and that of the author — if you had bothered to read the article.

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