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The American crescent

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Abdi says he would sacrifice his life for the country he calls home.

The taxi driver taking me to the airport in Minneapolis is not referring to his birthplace, Somalia, but to the US – the place where he has lived for the last 13 years.

Abdi is part of a 44,000-strong Somali community in the liberal western state of Minnesota, most of who are Muslim.

My own adopted home, England, has an even larger Somali community, which has been settled for longer, but they do not tend to think of England as home.

But in Minnesota, Somalis – no less scarred or traumatised by their experiences – seem to have planted roots deeper and faster than any Somali community I have seen in the world.

They do not talk of returning home, they are home.

The Somali community’s sense of belonging in Minnesota runs contrary to the image many people may have of an irreconcilable conflict between America and Islam.

Al Jazeera English – Americas – The American crescent

Author: Bill

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One thought on “The American crescent

  1. Excellent!

    Sometimes I get so tired of the one-sided, bigoted redneck bullshit about Muslims that I could literally scream (if one can scream literally). These are the people who brought us modern mathematics, astronomy, and who kept the knowledge of the ancient Greeks alive for nearly a thousand years while the Christians were burning libraries — among their other contributions to uncivilized behavior.

    Their beliefs have been perverted by some, sure, just as many Christian sects have forsaken the teachings of Jesus for the ravings of that maniac John “The Divine,” and for the same reasons: because some humans have a built-in propensity for violence that they need justified. But the world would be a far less pleasant place were it not for the followers of Mohammad and what they have brought to the table of civilization.

    BTW, Nick, have you read Kim Stanley Robinson’s “The World of Rice and Salt”? Fascinating!

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