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Digital TV 101

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By now, everyone who is tech savvy enough to get online has at least heard about the switch to digital TV signals that will take place at midnight on 02/17/09.  At that time all TV transmissions will go exclusively digital, and your old TV will go exclusively to snow — unless you are on cable or satellite, or have a converter.

South Carolina ETV has an excellent online explanation of digital TV. It explains about screen resolution, HDTV v. digital, and covers all you need to know to help you purchase a new set, or get a $40 coupon to help pay for a converter for your old analog TV. 

Let’s be very clear about this: if you have cable or satellite now, you do not need a new TV or a converter.  If you use an outside or a “rabbit ears” antenna, you do need a converter or a new TV.

Digital TV 101 – South Carolina ETV

Author: Bill

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