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i told ya buddhism is a religion

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“the buddha is my dj” has an interesting take on an article from Tricycle about a misguided soul who seems to have stepped across the line by requiring his employees to chant.

Regardless of that, the discussion of whether or not Buddhism is a religion (it is, obviously) is interesting.  I would add to his remarks, however, that Buddhism can be practiced without any religious trappings; I’ve been doing it for many years.  The truths, the path, the precepts, even the three jewels do not in themselves a religion make.  It’s the add-ons.  Nonetheless, if it came to a vote there would be no question where mine would fall.  As Scott says…

Let me first say this: it’s probably not a bad idea for people to act more like Buddhists. Gosh, imagine a world where everyone was being mindful of other people and nice to them.

But let me also reiterate a sentiment I’ve made a million times before in this blog (and in endless arguments with people elsewhere on the Internets and the Real World): Buddhism. Is. A. Religion.

i told ya buddhism is a religion : the buddha is my dj

Let me add to Scott’s excellent discussion the things that I believe are found where religions lurk:

  • Beliefs
  • Metaphysical or Supernatural Reality
  • Faith
  • Dogma
  • Ritual
  • Prayer
  • Salvation
  • Eternal reward

Certainly this could be argued with respect to some Buddhist groups.  Nonetheless, an example of everything on that list can be found within the family of Buddhist sects, and all of them in some.  It’s a duck.

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