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  1. I’m finding it odd to see sniping at Sarah Palin on a Buddhist website. I’m not a Palin fan – will definitely be voting for Obama/Biden. And I understand that some buddhists are called to activism. But what should that look like? Maybe extolling the virtues of the people you support? Possibly pointing out the specific dangers of the candidates you oppose, in a respectful way? But probably not getting snide and snarky. Palin is a sentient being too.

    I believe the photo and captions illustrate a very clear weakness in the Palin candidacy that needs badly to be addressed: her virtually complete lack of sophistication in terms of the way the majority of Americans think and live. She lived in the frontier for most of her life, and the most cosmopolitan of her several college experiences was at the University of Idaho.

    This is a woman who wants us to believe that she is capable of meeting career politicians, executives, philosophers, economists, military, diplomats and even royalty on equal terms. The implications of the post are pertinent indeed.

    As far as the matter relates to Dharma — if you believe having Senator McCain and Governor Palin in office would not bear negatively on the issue of metta, then you and I have widely divergent realities.

    Sometimes things can be gotten across more quickly with humor than otherwise. That they may be amusing, in and of itself, makes them neither wrong nor inappropriate.

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